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Owlish Arts is a multi-faceted business selling both digital and physical arts and media, based in Warilla, Australia, in Dharawal country. Its main focus is accessories such as badges, magnets and enamel pins.

ABN: 31 269 516 254
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +61 416 822 162

(Will go straight to voicemail unless you are in my contacts)

Owlish Arts (then called Owlish Media) was established in May, 2017, shortly after owner-operator Natalie received her Masters degree in animation. She entered the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme to start a freelance animation and design business.

Unfortunately, as she was preparing to launch her business, her father passed away and caused a mental health crisis that made difficult to run a freelance business that involves intense client liaison.

Over time, Natalie has been working on creating artworks to sell without needing to maintain client relationships in a way that impacts her mental health.

Example of badges from Owlish Arts

In August 2018, Natalie changed the business name to Owlish Arts, and shifted the focus to selling digital and physical art, including clip art, 3D models, 3D printed items, cast sculptures and more.

In 2022, Natalie found that her badge sales via Etsy were substantial and the Owlish Arts website was sluggish and had very few visitors, so she recently updated the site to emphasise speed and badge products.

What you see today is the product of the re-organisation of the site.

About My Badge-Making Process

My workshop is set up to design, print, and press badges all in-house.

On Sourcing & Ethics

My badges are a mixture of my own original designs, and public domain illustrations I’ve collected over time. I have the rights, as far as I’m aware, to use all the images commercially. If by some chance your art has been used without your releasing it to the public domain, please contact me and I’ll remove it (or work out a licensing deal if that interests you).

The pins and enamel pins have been imported and are physical objects in my possession (not dropshipping). As such, there may be occasional instances where my stock levels are incorrect on the site (especially after I hold a market stall.) If by chance you order something I don’t have in stock, I’ll contact you and either refund you, substitute you, or special order the item (subject to long wait times).
The designs I import may also have been produced with improper licensing without my knowledge and I will also remove them from the online store if you contact me showing this.